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Be Our Guest Home Edition: Beef ‘O’ Brady’s

A Little Slice of a Hometown Specialty

By: Karina Wilson

A birds-eye view of some of Beef’s specialties. (Photo via beefobradys.com).

The smell of freshly fried food teases your nose as the mouth starts to salivate, waiting for its arrival.

Are you feeling a bit hungry yet?

Are you impatiently waiting to know where to order your next meal from?

I know that I am...

I am here to give you the insight on one of Florida’s most prized possessions: Beef ‘O’ Brady’s (more commonly known by its nickname: “Beef’s”).

A photo of the original Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, then just a mere neighborhood pub in Brandon.

A Wholesome Back Story

1985: the city of Brandon, Florida. Jim and Jeanette Mellody established their tiny sports bar with open arms, welcoming anyone and everyone who entered. Being from Irish decent, Jim made sure to bless every individual menu with the “Luck of the Irish.”

Little did Jim and Jeanette know then that their small neighborhood pub would the first of many. Beef’s is now known as one of the “fastest-growing kid-friendly restaurants in the country.”

The headquarters resides in the middle of downtown Tampa, Florida:

5660 W. Cypress Street

Suite A

Tampa, FL 33607

Now there are over one hundred and fifty Beef ‘O’ Brady’s restaurant locations nationwide and counting. I am absolutely sure that Jim and Jeanette Mellody are smiling in heaven upon seeing how their little family-owned restaurant has flourished.

Beef On Brady’s located in the heart of Northdale, Florida.

Ordering Out, but Eating In

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses both local and nationwide have been forced to shut down completely or limit their operations. However, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s has recently reopened their dining rooms while still continuing curbside orders with a full menu. Additionally, customers can get their meal delivered through third-party apps such as DoorDash, Bite Squad, Postmates and Uber Eats.

Ready to take and deliver orders, Beef’s employees catered to their guests wearing masks, gloves and presumably a smile.

Sporting the new normal, a Beef’s employee bring us our food.

Unveiling the Goodies

The ride home was full of tension. The aromatic scent of freshly cooked cuisine sat beside me in the car. Two warm bags filled to the brim with takeout were waiting to be eaten.

I was feeling ravenously hungry as my stomach was taking over my instincts, and I was itching to get home.

A closer look at the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s takeout bags and their slogan: “Good food. Good sports.”

Loud sighs of relief could be heard as the food was placed on the table in the dining room. Everyone in the household scrambled towards the various to-go bags to find their dishes.

My family ordered a total of eight meals (including a chocolatey dessert). No one ventured out and/or had unique or foreign meals, however, fried American food is still delicious!

I could not wait any longer to dig in!

The food tasted as scrumptious as it looked— maybe even better. Orders ranged from spicy chicken tacos to medium chicken wings to a lone order of onion rings.

Order Up: Dinner for One

No one can go wrong with chicken tenders and french fries!

A picky eaters delight: chicken tenders and curly french fries. This traditional meal is great for people of any and all ages. Beef ‘O’ Brady’s fries the skin of the tenders to a crisp which enhances the overall taste. The white meat on the inside is sure to fill your belly. Beef’s signature curly fries are a must with any meal. Not only are they fried to perfection, but they are also sprinkled with just the right amount of salt to make them savory. By ordering takeout, the restaurant also provides you with your choice of dipping sauce (I always choose honey mustard). I even added an IBC cream soda from home to seal the deal. Of course Beef ‘O’ Brady’s has a great deal of drinks that you can purchase directly from the restaurant — thanks to their Coca-Cola Freestyle machine!

If you are unsure of what to order off of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s vast menu, chicken tenders and curly fries are definitely the best way to go.

The Dessert of Champions

Heaven on Earth: A warm cookie skillet.

Last but certainly not least, dessert. If you have a sweet-tooth, a cookie skillet, also known as a pizookie (“pizza cookie”) will quickly become a guilty pleasure of yours. We ventured off of the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s menu and ordered from the neighboring popular restaurant chain that is known as Chili’s. Personally, cookie skillets are my all-time favorite dessert and I crave them often. I highly recommend you pamper yourself and buy one or more (spoiler alert: I purchased two). The second it hits your tastebuds you’ll be reaching for another taste.

One single bite into the warm cookie and you can feel all of your stress start to melt away. The gooey, rich chocolate drizzle adds to the mouthwatering flavor. To top off this exquisite chocolate chip cookie, vanilla ice cream is added to enhance the taste. Additionally, Chili’s provides a side of caramel sauce to add to the already compelling dessert. A cookie like this is very hard to resist.

The Final Food Critique

Conquering a global pandemic has proved to be a difficult task, however, restaurants like Beef ‘O’ Brady’s (and their competitor Chili’s of course) are here to help ease your mind amidst all of the economic uncertainty. Cooking can be an inconvenience nowadays, so if you ever feel the need to put down the pots and pans for an evening do not hesitate to go and place an order at Beef’s. It does not matter if you order food via phone, their website, third-party app or in-person your food will arrive hot and ready to be devoured. Whether you like chicken tenders and french fries or their original Watterson™ sandwich,

“Prime Rib and Swiss cheese on grilled rye with mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion (via beefobradys.com)

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s has something for everyone near and far on their menu and they hope to see you real soon!

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