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Hurry for the Curry at Kabab House

By: Casey Hopkins

Kabab House is an absolute hidden gem of Gainesville with its exceptional home-cooked traditional Indian food. The locally owned dine-in or take-out restaurant is unlike any other Indian/Pakistani/Nepalese restaurant in the student populated town, as it provides authentic Tandoor cooking and halal meat. No need to dress up fancy and break the bank for a family or friend outing when Kabab House provides the most delicious Indian food in a casual spot for an affordable price. Going out to eat can often be stressful, especially with a large group, so it's nice to know that there is a relaxed yet still tasty spot in Gainesville.

A view from the outside of Kabab House.


The small Indian joint is located in the 34th Street Plaza directly in between SuperCuts and the Medical Cannabis Dispensary. Gumby’s Pizza, Metro Diner and Wok N Roll are also located in this plaza. Don't worry about getting there early to park, there are more than enough spots directly in front of the restaurant.

Photos of Indian cuisine cover the doors of the restaurant.


The restaurant seats about 50 people. There are large tables as well as booths and a bar. The spot is accepting of all ages and all sized groups, noisy or quiet.

If you plan to dine alone, the bar is a perfect place to enjoy your meal. Photos of different food items are placed on the bar to make placing your order easer. The restaurant serves beer and wine in addition to specialty sodas and juices to enjoy with your meal.

On both sides of the restaurant there are booths. These booths can comfortably seat four people with enough space for multiple entrees and sides.

Placing an order

A huge menu hangs on the wall where you order.

There isn’t the pressure of being waited on, since you order before you sit. The menu is displayed at the back of the restaurant where you place your order. The cashiers are very nice and will gladly help with any questions. Once you order and pay, you can seat yourself. There is also free water located to the left of the register.

The Chef

A photo from the Kabab House website of Chef Dev.

You may be thinking, "Could Kabab House really be that good?" Well, according to the website, Chef Dev has 25 years experience in cooking the finest Indian Pakistani food. This Indian chef has cooked for royal families in Nepal, India, Europe, and Dubai, who demand high quality, freshness, and consistency.


There is an exceptionally wide ranged menu featuring all types of meats, vegetables and curries including yummy vegan and vegetarian options. The chef will cater to any dietary restrictions as well as alter entrées to fit your preference. The restaurant is a perfect spot for families or large groups of all ages looking to share multiple items off the menu and be adventurous with their taste buds.

One order of naan comes with seven large pieces.

Each table is served freshly baked delicious naan. Kabab House’s naan is truly unique because it is baked in a special Tandoor oven. In addition to plain, there are garlic and cheese options. The naan is absolutely mouth watering, however, watch out vegans! Although it may seem like it, the naan is not vegan because it is made with eggs.

Two orders of veggie samosas.

A popular appetizer at Kabab House is the order of veggie samosas. This appetizer is made of potatoes and peas with herbs and spices in a pastry shell. One order contains 3 samosas, which is super filling. Besides veggie, there is also a meat option. These are a must-have to start off your adventurous Indian meal!

A great vegan option: Aloo Mattar.

The Aloo Mattar is a dish made of peas and potatoes cooked in herbs and spices. This is vegan, so it contains no animal products. A larger size is also available, which is great to share between multiple people. Take one bite of this meal and you will feel like you are truly in India!

Each dish comes with a side of rice.

The Aloo Mattar, and every other entrée, is served with a plate of basmati rice. Most people choose to eat each bite with a bit of their entrée on top of the rice. This makes a fantastic combo.

Chicken Vindaloo served with rice.

The Chicken Vindaloo is a dish made of seasoned chicken with potatoes simmered in a spicy curry sauce. Are you a fan of spicy foods? What's great about this Indian restaurant is that you can choose the level of spice for entrees like this one! There are also alternate meat options like lamb and goat. This regular portion is just the right amount to fill you up.


A great deal for lunch!

A handwritten sign listing the specials is located to the left of the door inside the restaurant. Lunch specials are typically served Monday through Friday (excluding Tuesday) from 11am to 3pm. The weekly specials usually cost $10 and include a soup, salad, entrée and side. What a deal!

Hours and Information

HOURS: Open Sunday 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

ADDRESS: 2022 Southwest 34th Street, Gainesville, FL 32603

PHONE: (352) 792 – 6764

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