About us

Professor Bridget Grogan

I have a professional background in radio and television news reporting and anchoring. I taught full-time at UF for 20 years, helping to run the various iterations of our tv newsrooms for 17 of those years. I now spend my time as an adjunct instructor for UF CJC and Flagler College in St. Augustine. I LOVE teaching college students. They keep me young and laughing.

I was born in Georgia, raised in Florida, and have a passion for driving fast cars. I hate living where it snows. I am organized and silly and passionate about the people and places I love. 


When I travel, I cannot live without my iPhone for taking photos, comfortable shoes to go everywhere, and my hot rollers (sad but mostly true.) 

My favorite destinations are many: I would have to say Ireland is a favorite because I got married there. But there are so many other places I truly love…the Greek Islands, Barcelona and Seville, Spain. I also love Belgium, Austria, France, the Netherlands, England and Germany. 

If I could have an endless supply of one food, I would choose chocolate gelato.

Emily Palazzotto

I am a rising sophomore at the University of Florida majoring in journalism on the news track. My dream is to one day become a news anchor. I believe that it is vital to leave your mark on the world, wherever life may take you, and being a journalist most definitely enables one to greatly impact those around them. 

I was born and raised on Long Island, New York - the Big Apple has my heart. I love the feeling of sunshine on my face on a warm summer day, and the way the air smells when the leaves first begin to morph at the change of seasons. I hate when people ask me to say "coffee" so they can make fun of the accent that I don't have. Nothing fills me with joy more than spending a day out on the water laughing with family and friends.


I am strong willed and driven when it comes to working towards my goals and I have great appreciation for those who support me along my way. 

I have never felt more alive than I did when walking the streets of Budapest, Hungary - where some of my family members still reside. I will always be mesmerized by the smell of the lavender fields in Vienna and the peacefulness I felt listening to the accordions echo over the crowd as I walked along the Berlin Wall in Germany. Prague and Vltava are places that made me fall a little more in love with the beautiful world we are so lucky to live in.

Michelle Lee

I am a rising junior at the University of Florida. I’m majoring in Telecommunication on the TV and Film Production track, and I am interested in working in the creative field.


Growing up in South Florida has helped me experience what the South has to offer, from the beautiful beaches to the bustling city life. However, after moving to Utah just last year, I realized the perks of traveling to different regions. Stunning mountains surround the small city I now live in, and the breathtaking National Parks within Utah are its hidden treasures. Despite being in the same country, Utah and Florida are two completely different states that I love.


I have always enjoyed writing and learning about each unique culture. I think that taking this travel reporting class is a great way for me to continue that journey and learn that there is so much more in this world.

Casey Hopkins

My name is Casey Hopkins and I am a fourth year Telecommunications student at the University of Florida. I am from Delray Beach, FL and am 22 years old. I am very passionate about music, and often find myself traveling to different music festivals and concerts. I have recently traveled to cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Manchester, Miami and Orlando. 


Growing up, I also was fortunate enough to travel with my family. At a young age, I spent summers in California, and was even able to visit Italy and France on a cruise. I am so grateful for these experiences; however, I hope to revisit these places as a young adult so I can truly embrace the culture, architecture, food, art and everything else these foreign countries have to offer.


Whenever I travel, I love to bring my Canon as well as a disposable film camera along with me. I love taking as many photos as I can, especially candid photos of my friends. The photo here was taken on film at Lollapalooza in Chicago!


After I graduate from UF in the fall, I plan on attending graduate school and pursuing a career in music business. I am hopeful that my career will allow me to travel and see different parts of the world.


Elisabell Velazquez

I am a first-year student at the University of Florida majoring in journalism on the news track. I am interested in broadcast journalism and investigative reporting. However, travel reporting really grabs my attention. 

I am loving, responsible, respectful and honest. I also consider myself an organized person. I am passionate about writing and reporting, and I would like to contribute to the growth of journalism by becoming a professional and credible multimedia journalist.

My parents are from Cuba, so I am bilingual and speak English and Spanish. I love watching my little brother play baseball and supporting him in his games. I also enjoy going to the beach, visiting different restaurants, attending concerts and going to Walt Disney World. I love spending time with my family. 

When I travel, I like carrying my iPhone and my Canon. I love taking pictures and capturing moments that I will cherish forever. I love learning about new cultures and new places to visit. One of my favorite things to do after traveling is creating travel videos that reflect on my favorite moments from my trips.