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Crafty Quarantine: Ways To Get Creative At Home During A Pandemic

By: Michelle Holder

Are you tired of your COVID-19 quarantine consisting of Netflix Originals and endless happy-hour Zoom calls? The days may seem monotonous, as if time has slowed down and almost stopped completely.

Living through a pandemic has changed all of our lives. Our everyday routines were turned upside down, and we were forced to hibernate from a vicious virus. While its easy to use this extra time to take it easy, we can also use this time to focus on ourselves and develop skills. We can also use this time to get crafty and create works of art for ourselves and for our family.

Creativity is a skill that you can work on and develop, and it is a desirable skill in the job market. Being creative is a great activity for your mind, as it helps with emotions and stress relief. Art and creativity takes many forms, from painting to writing to digital media.

Here are five ways you can get more creative and make something awesome during quarantine.

Let's Get Painting

Did you know Van Gogh started his art career at 27? So, even if you don't consider yourself an artist, it's never too late to start doing some art! Creating art is therapeutic, and can help you with focus, stress relief and expression.

The great thing about art is you can do it in so many ways. There is painting, sketching, oil pastels, charcoal, crayons, colored pencils and markers. You can make the experience as fancy as you want, with canvases and easels, or a simple activity with paper and pencil. Order supplies online and have them delivered to your front door, or make do with what you have at home. Whatever you choose, creating art will keep you entertained for hours, and is a great family activity.

Scroll through Pinterest or Google Images and find some inspiration. YouTube also has a bunch of tutorials and professional artists that can help you decide what you want to paint.

Start by lightly sketching an outline of what you plan to paint, and deciding how you want to go about your masterpiece.

Check out the bookshelf

How many of you have read every single book on your bookshelf? Most people have tons of books that they have never even picked up off their shelves. Now is a great time to start working through your personal library and read what you have.

Reading is the perfect activity when you are stuck at home because it transports you to a whole new world and an entirely new dimension. Benefits include mental stimulation, gaining knowledge, expanding knowledge, and increased empathy.

Quarantine is a great time to binge read an entire series or get educated on world affairs or science through some nonfiction novels. Escape to your favorite vacation destination through a fictional character, or maybe battle some monsters in your favorite fantasy novel.

If you're looking for your next read, consider reading books on isolation and pandemics. Check out this video for the best recommendations brought to you by BookTuber Ariel Bissett.

During this pandemic, lots of local businesses have been struggling to stay afloat. With the economy uprooted, it is super important to support your local bookstores and buy from them. While Amazon is convenient and quick, make an effort to buy locally.

Pull out the pens

We are living in a truly historical time. And now, we have the unique opportunity to document it.

Keeping a journal is a good way to collect your thoughts and physically see your mind's dialogue written down. This can help you learn to understand yourself. Documenting your daily life at the moment will not only help you now, but in the future your journals will be a great memory capsule and time portal for yourself.

Journaling is beneficial because it can help manage depression, anxiety and other mental stress.

Here are some prompts to get your creative juices flowing.

How am I feeling today?

What is going on in the world today? What was today's headline?

What are goals I want to accomplish?

If I can go anywhere in the world, where would I go?

What are 3 things I am grateful for?

Kid's Crafts

You can also get a little bit crafty and do some fun activities. Here are three easy crafts that are fun and maybe a little messy; you might remember them from when you were in the 3rd grade!

  • Slime

All you need is some glue, dye and borax. Mix them all together and now you have yourself some relaxing goo to play with on the couch. If you have young kids in your household, they are going to love making slime. You can upgrade your slime by adding glitter or Orbeez to make a textured slime that will satisfy your

  • Knitting and Crochet

While this might seem like an activity only old ladies partake in, knitting and crocheting are fun crafts that can keep you entertained for hours. The best part is, you can wear and use your final creation. Knit a sweater or crochet a scarf; they make perfect gifts for family and friends. Knitting is also super fun because you can choose from a variety of beautiful yarn colors and types, so you can create a multitude of items in different colors and styles!

  • Homemade Ice Cream

While Ben & Jerry's is delicious, it is way more fun to create your own ice cream. Enjoy delicious soft serve ice cream right at home with only 5-10 minutes of effort.Although it might be a little messy and a bit of an arm workout, the end result will be worth it. Another favorite with kids, this activity makes the kitchen a chemistry laboratory.

Grab a camera and a smile!

Time for an at-home photoshoot! Up your Instagram game or create the perfect portrait for your LinkedIn profile. Use these three steps to set up a photoshoot easily.

Step 1: Get ready!

Put on your favorite clothes or that new outfit you just ordered in your last online shopping haul. Spend some time putting on makeup or styling your hair; it doesn't matter if it takes hours because you have all the time in the world!

Step 2: Find a location

Find a cool spot in your home that will provide a good spot for photos. Maybe you want to stick to a empty wall and take portraits. Or, sit at your kitchen table with a coffee cup as a prop.Try and pick a spot that has tons of natural lighting If you are able to go outside, find a

Step 3: Pose and take photos

Find the angle you want, frame and snap! Take as many photos as you can; you can always delete the bad ones. The more you take, the higher the chance you find that perfect shot. Have fun with the photoshoot and do it with your family or your household quarantine members. Take some photos together; you'll want to have some photos for your quarantine memory.

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